Belichick still up for grabs. But will there be a taker?

Just over two weeks have passed since legendary Head Coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots parted ways after 20+ years. Many thought there would be a frenzy of teams eager to pursue this all-time great HC. Belichick has met with some teams, including the Falcons, but things have seemingly gone stagnant as of late. Bill met twice with Atlanta about their Head Coaching vacancy, but the nod went to Raheem Morris. So now the question remains, where will Bill end up?

Certainly, this has become one of the most compelling scenarios in recent memory regarding a Head Coach. With only two Head Coaching jobs available, in Washington and in Seattle, Bill's options are limited. Both teams are coming off seasons with established veteran coaches who did not work out. This may be a significant factor in whether Bill is even considered for these two jobs, as he is on the older side and his recent resume is nothing to brag about. The Commanders and the Seahawks will likely look for a young coach with an extensive background in offense to aid the development of their young Quarterback. Belichick surely does not fall into that demographic, leaving him with little to no options.

The reality of the situation is as surprising as it is crazy, but I just don't think Bill Belichick will get a job this offseason. There aren't enough suitors that are a Head Coach away from a Super Bowl. Teams are moving to younger, creative, offensive-minded coaches which Bill and his staff won't bring to the table. If Bill is willing to sit until next year and wait for more spots to open, I could see him getting a call. Until then, I do not see Belichick coaching in the NFL in 2024. I think everyone can agree that this is a crazy scenario and hard to believe.